Make 3 to 5 points to explain something

Our attention is limited, when you want to explain what a specific treatment is do not bring up too much noise to the conversation. An implant can be explained in 3 to 5 simple steps for example.

If you want to explain the difference between alternative treatments like Ceramic versus Composites you can use something like this:

Ceramic VeneersComposite Restorations
Excellent Esthetic resultGood Esthetic result
Does not stain over timeStains over time
More resistant to fracture just like natural teethMore prone to fracture than natural teeth
May need some preparation of the tooth surfaceUsually no tooth preparation is required.

Do you need to complicate further than this when you are talking to the patient? No! You can specify the material used, the warranties and a few more differences on the written document but again, do not complicate what is actually simple unless the patient demands so. Use 3 points, maximum 5.

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