Learn to deal with financial constraints

Financial constraints are seen as the major limitation for treatment acceptance. Although this is not entirely true, it obviously is a main issue that frustrates dentists.

If you focus on item Always Present Stages and Alternatives. Never “all or nothing” you will massively lower this problem. Almost always there is an alternative solution for the problem or a staged approach that can fit the patient budget.  Some dentists actively ask the budget the patient has available for the dental costs and then fit an alternative solution. It can be a good solution if you feel comfortable with that.

Should I have different payment options?

Definitely yes. Payment options should be clear and written. I use 3:

  • If the patient pays upfront there is a discount (5 to 10%);
  • Pay per appointment attended or treatment done;
  • Credit with no interest rate from a credit company (I am not a bank!).

(Just make sure you get paid ahead, at least for the lab costs… sounds silly but still happens a lot.)

And finally, sometimes the patient simply can’t afford it. And you can be fine with that. Make sure all the team still treats the patient with the deserved respect and importance. They should stay connected to the office for regular check-ups. Things may change in the future and being treated with respect regarding their decisions will make a positive impact when the patient decides he or she is ready to start.

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