Have a system in place

Who is in charge of what?

Do you do all the initial examinations?

Your associate’s do that?

Where is the treatment plan registered?

Can it be easily accessed by other dentists in the practice?

Will the assistant have any doubt regarding payment timelines?

How will the patient be informed of the due payments for the next visit?

Do you have a record track of who was presented for what?

Do you have a recall policy?

We all have different practices. Some smaller, some larger, some in a big city, some in peripheric region. Whatever your practice looks like, you need to have systems in place that supports the efforts you did when presenting the treatment. The patient experience flow needs to be studied and written down. Technology is there to help you with this.

Your success and growth is never accidental. If you are reading this I am sure you have at least some degree of success in your practice. The problem with success and growth is that it brings complexity and this is where most of us struggle. If you don’t have an intentional plan and a system you will be spending most of your professional life putting out fires in the stressful and sometimes chaotic world of a dental practice. Make sure you have a system in place. Your life will thank you.

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