Features & Examples

3D dental chart

We’ve removed the unnecessary and made the dental chart clean, stylish and efficient.

It was build to be visually effective showing teeth, gums, bone, old and future treatments. Developed by dentists for dentists, with patients in mind.

Complete Diagnose and Planning

You can choose every diagnostic and treatment detail you may think: hygiene, perio, endo, restorative, prostho, surgery, implants… even All on Four (™) procedures are available.

Whether your are a general or restorative dentist, implant surgeon, orthodontist, periodontist, prosthodontist or endodontist you will find MakeMeClear very useful.

Dental jargon made easy for patients

Each diagnosis and treatment item has its own description. This is automatically placed in the document as you chart.

You can use our text suggestions or edit to use your own words. Save your descriptions or edit for specific situations.

Complete & professional documents

You can easily add photos, X-rays or any other images to show value to your patients. Use our proven templates to insert your smile design previews.

Further, add our editable documents with informed consents, payment options, practice policies, warranties.
You can also create your own templates for additional information for patients.

Simplified and intuitive workflow.

Diagnose, Plan and Create. MakeMeClear is very user friendly. You can select one or several teeth, quadrants, full arches in a simple and fast manner. Once the diagnose and plan are completed just create your treatment plan by adding extra documents and images and you´re done.

But if time is limited for complete examination, just create a 360º DENTAL HEALTH report in seconds. This way you raise patient awareness and create high interest for further treatment planning appointments.

100% Editable. Security compliant.

Choose your logo, name, contact, diagnostic and treatment descriptions, tooth numbering system, prices, currency. Make the document as personalised as you want.

MakeMeClear runs on a SSL secure server, compliant with HIPAA regulations in U.S.

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Esthetic-Restorative-Implant case


Orthodontic-Implant-Restorative case


All-on-Four (TM) case