Expect & solve questions, criticism and confusion

Be prepared with simple answers for tricky questions.


Q. “Will it last forever?”

A. “Your teeth, the most perfect material didn´t last. They may last a long time if you follow our recommendations for maintenance.” 

And have the warranty policy written down on the treatment plan document!

Q. “Will they look good?”

A. “We can make a mock-up, a preview of the result before we start” 

Make sure you inform the involved costs of this mock-up and remember not to give full freedom for unrealistic esthetic demands from patients.

Q. “A friend of mine had an implant that failed.”

A. “Success rate of implants is above 97%. Depends on several factors such as your general health, hygiene and smoking habits. We have it all explained in our informed consent.”

Always provide informed consents for dental implants and other treatments you find necessary.

Q. “Can I do only the front teeth?” 

A.  “I’m afraid not. If you only do the front veneers and don´t place implants on the back teeth first, your veneers will likely fracture in a short period.”

Don’t be afraid to say no to patients. It will save you from a lot of trouble.

As you find communication block and problems, make sure you are creative developing this kind of scripts. Make the whole team contribute with suggestions and speak under the same protocols.

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