It is an easy to use online software for professionals in Dentistry to improve their treatment plan presentation documents.
You can diagnose conditions, choose a treatment plan and create a document that will immediately show value by the distinctive visual format, organization and detail. This will place you in a higher position comparing to other treatment plan documents. Our users frequently tell us that treatment acceptance has strongly improved with the software.
Presenting dental treatment can be difficult for many dentist who don´t feel comfortable talking about money or feel they are looked like sales people rather than doctors. MakeMeClear was developed to make dentists lives easier by saving time, impressing patients and making sure nothing is forgotten when presenting treatment plans. It will free your mind for what is important. With MakeMeClear you can be the expert, not the salesman.
We have been working hard on making it as smooth as possible, with very few clicks and very intuitive to use. It is also very appealing to patients. Design matters and it is top priority for us.
Also, it´s all web based so no installation needed. Just register and you are ready to use.
For initial version it will work as an independent online tool. But we plan to make it integrate with major dental software companies.
We do provide tutorials and technical online support to use the software.
A big part of MakeMeClear concept is to support users to provide better experience for their patients. Both Jorge André and Aalok, the developers of MakeMeClear, run courses on esthetic and comprehensive dentistry as well as marketing and digital business automation. They believe the key for a successful and fulfilling career in dentistry is the combination of clinical knowledge and well developed systems to interact with patients. As experienced educators they share valuable insights, tips and system to help you reach your professional and personal goals.
Jorge André Cardoso & Aalok Yashwant Shukla, who´ve been friends for many years. They both searched to increase their knowledge and insights in Dentistry, People and Life for the last decade. They are passionate about pushing traditional boundaries of Dentistry to improve patient care, communication and professional & personal fulfillment.
Jorge André Cardoso |DMD, MClinDent Prosthodontics Kings College London, Private Practice in Espinho, Portugal | www.ora.pt | www.strongatwork.com |
Aalok Yashwant Shukla | BDS, Private Practice in London, UK | www.alkaliaesthetics.co.uk | www.ilovestraightteeth.co.uk | www.clickconvertsell.com | www.lifecyclemarketing.co.uk


Jorge André Cardoso graduated in dentistry in Porto and pursed his studies at Kings College in London where he earned a MClinDent in Prosthodontics and keeps collaborating as a Postgraduate Tutor. His interests include prosthodontics, aesthetic restorative dentistry and periodontics, areas where he has published in several peer-reviewed journals such as EJED and JERD. Jorge Andre is an active international lecturer and featured on online education sites such as DentalXp. He runs a private practice in Portugal focused on comprehensive aesthetics together with an interdisciplinary team of colleagues. MakeMeClear is one of his projects to help dentists improve their communication with patients.


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