Direct-Mock to motivate patients during treatment plan presentation

There are several ways to do a mock-up for patient motivation. It can be done through images or using it in the patients. Placing it in the patient and filming the before and after has a great impact. It can be done directly by the dentist using a composite or indirectly printing a model with […]

Create discounts – MakeMeClear

Easily create discounts on your treatment plans with MakeMeClear.

Create TEMPLATES for your most common presented treatments and save time!

Here a trick to create templates for the treatment you use most commonly and save time.

Testimonial Dr. João Afonso (UK)

Dr. João Afonso, Prosthodontic & Aesthetic Dentist, Postgraduate Tutor at Kings College London talks about his experience with MakeMeClear.

Testimonial Dr. Delfin Barquero (Costa Rica)

Testimonial by Dr. Delfin Barquero (Costa Rica) for MakeMeClear

Testimonial Dr. Manuel Neves (PT)

Testimonial by Dr. Manuel Neves (PT) for MakeMeClear

Testimonial Dr. Jaz Gulati (UK)

Testimonial by Dr. Jaz Gulati (UK) for MakeMeClear

Testimonial of Dr. Luis Jane (Barcelona) of using MakeMeClear Software

Testimonial by Dr. Alessandro Devigus

Testimonial by Dr. Alessandro Devigus (Switzerland) for MakeMeClear

Instagram live with Alessandro Devigus and Aalok Shukla – what is MakeMeClear and the story behind it