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Patient acceptance is just a result of trust and clarity.

The problems

  • It is difficult to describe complex dental treatments.
  • Current software can´t provide customizable and good looking documents for treatment planning.
  • Creating a personalized plan can be time consuming.
  • Dentists are afraid to talk about high value procedures.
  • There is discomfort in Dentists for being looked as sales people instead of doctors.

The Solution MakeMeClear

  • Includes simple, automatic and 100% editable explanations for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Professional, stylish and clean design to support your image as an expert.
  • Produce impressive, high quality documents in minutes.
  • Patients see value in what they understand and presenting complex treatment  is no longer stressful. Enjoy being the recognized expert.
  • Secure SSL server compliant with HIPAA – U.S. requirements.

Helping dentists create treatment
plans that patients understand and accept.